About SOLEQ.travel

We are a family-owned company specializing in customized Ecuador tours. Whether you are traveling as a couple, by yourself or as a family, we will design the perfect Ecuador tour for you.

It is our goal to offer our clients a real and authentic encounter with Ecuadorian culture, people, traditions, and cuisine. Rather than standardized mass tourism, we promote a customized high-quality tourism that is ecological and socially sustainable. We think that a customized Ecuador tour is a great possibility to learn what’s Ecuador all about and have an unforgettable vacation.

At SOLEQ.travel we have all the special knowledge and abilities to help you realize your perfect Ecuador tour. We are absolutely flexible and ready to assist you at every step of your trip to Ecuador – from your first ideas to the continuous support during your tour through our Quito office. We offer you our extensive geographical knowledge and a wide range of insider information about our home country.

OUR values

SOLEQ.travel stands for Solidarity, Ecology, and Culture. These three concepts are the basis for our company: solidarity with the hosts of the visited country, ecology in the conservation of the environment, and the cultures and traditions of the people living in this land. With all our tours we support a responsible, sustainable, and ecological tourism.

We offer a vision of tourism with a social conscience. Every tour is not only a new experience but also a contribution to the protection of the Ecuadorian environment, because parts of the proceeds go directly to different ecological and social projects in the visited areas.

The Ecuadorian people and their culture with all its values are always an important issue for SOLEQ.travel and its team. As the staff is usually mixed up with people from different countries, we try to make Ecuadorian food sometimes a varying contribution for intercultural exchange in our daily office life. We created a page for you that you can review some of these Ecuadorian recipes.

OUR history

SOLEQ.travel was founded by the Arias-León family in 2007. After their long experience in tourist transportation, guidance, tour agencies and airlines, Dayana and her brother Diego decided to start their own business. Their goal is to work as a family in order to offer a personalized service to our customers.

Xavier, Dayana’s and Diego’s brother, met his wife Dorit on one of his tours as a guide and followed her to Germany, where the two of them now successfully own and operate our German partner agency.


Clients: We offer our clients excellent and personalized service with the highest standards of professionalism, responsibility, and reliability. We continuously work to exceed our clients’ wishes in every way.

Ecuador: We commit to working responsibly with all the people involved in and affected by our tours. Our goal is that as many people as possible from the income generated by tourism in Ecuador. We want to limit tourism’s influence on local life and culture as much as possible. We ask of our clients that they respect local cultures, traditions, and beliefs.
Our team consists of motivated members who identify with the company’s values and goals.
We give back to the community by supporting a social project in Quito.

Pachamama (Mother Earth): Our tours should have the least negative effect possible on the environment. We aim to conduct all of our tours in a sustainable way, working with local partners and service providers with the same philosophy.
We ask of our clients to behave in such a way as to not cause harm to the environment in any way.
In our office we apply best practices for an eco-friendly work place.


SOLEQ.travel is one of the leading tour companies in Ecuador.

Jobs and Internships

We offer a paid internship in our  office in Quito in the Online Marketing department. You can find more information about the internship on this page.