Amazon Ecuador Tours

East of the Andes begins the Amazon region. The region extends all the way to the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil. Due to the closeness to the Andes a unique environment is created. Therefore, it is characterized by tropical rainforests in the highlands. Hence, there is a lot to see within the Amazon Ecuador Tours. Also there are many rivers from the Mountains that are flowing into the Amazon River. Just to mention a few: Napo River and the Pastaza River.

The Ecuadorian Amazon region has an enormous biodiversity rate. By the way, the Yasuni National Park is the place on earth with the highest biodiversity per unit. During those tours you will sleep in lodges. A great way to explore the natural habitat of the rainforest. In the north and east you can still find a lot of primary rainforest, while the northwest is more inhabited.

The Ecuadorian rainforest is usually referred as The Amazon. Certainly a great area to explore almost untouched wildlife. Further you get the chance to get in touch with a high variety of animals and plant species. offers several options for visiting the Amazon. All of those options are there to give un an unforgettable vacation.


The Yasuni National Park has the highest rate of biodiversity per unit in the world. Undoubtedly a great place to find rare animals and plants. The lodges in the area are very comfortable and offer first-class experiences. Hence, it is even an adventure to get there. After your flight to Coco you will take a motorized canoe. From there it will take you down the Napo River to one of the lodges. Our Yasuni Rainforest Tour takes you to one of these Amazon lodges, but of course we can organize different tours for you. There are lot of things to explore. From bird watching to seeing animals and even canoeing on the Amazonas. Also your specialized guide will explain you all the secrets of the Ecuadorian tropical rainforest.

  • 5 days in the Yasuni Rainforest
  • amazing amazonas adventure
  • starting from US$ 1450,- p.p.

With the Yasuni Rainforest Tour you will get the possibility to enjoy the whole jungle experience. The Yasuni National park offers a home for many animals and plants. Commonly known are the orchids and the bromeliads. Further are jaguars to see, if you are lucky. More than 100 species of reptiles and amphibians and more than 200 different sorts of trees. How does that sound for you?

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Tours to the Cuyabeno reserve

One of our other impressive Ecuador Amazon Tours brings you to the Cuyabeno Reserve. This area is famous for its wonderful lagoons and also for its incredible wildlife. Further it is known for the kindness of the local tribes which are living in this area. With a bit of luck you may spot the pink river dolphins. Our Cuyabeno Rainforest  Tour takes you to this amazing place. After a short flight from Quito to Lago Agrio you travel by road until you reach El Puente (the bridge over the Cuyabeno River). Here, your adventure begins. At first you will cross the river by motorized canoe. But you are going slowly in order to not miss the monkeys hiding in the trees. After a two hour drive you will reach the Laguna Grande.Your lodge is directly on the Laguna and offers basic but comfortable accommodation.

  • 5 days in the Cuyabeno Rainforest
  • amazing amazonas adventure
  • starting from US$ 735,- p.p.

The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is one of the Ecuadorian regions in the Amazon. It offers spectacular nature, wildlife and bird watching opportunities. Do you want to enjoy and explore the rainforest during your Ecuador tour and don’t need a luxury suite or Jacuzzi? Then you may choose our Cuyabeno Rainforest Tour. The Lodges here are eco-friendly and comfy, but don’t expect any luxuries. Instead of a pool you have the Laguna Grande right in front of your lodge. A nice invitation for a swim surrounded by nature, right? On your tour to the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve you will explore flora and fauna by day and night. As well as an impression of the indigenous culture and traditions. Also you will travel by canoe a lot. Nature, wildlife and bird watching lovers get their money’s worth during this part of their Ecuador tour.

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UPper napo tours

We also prepared an Amazon Tours much closer to Quito. Most lodges in this part of Ecuador can be reached within 3 to 4-hour drives. They are a great option if you have little time and want an introduction to the rainforest. The Upper Napo Tour provides you with the possibility of getting a complete insight of the Ecuadorian Amazon. You can choose between canoe rides, rainforest hikes or a visit to an animal rescue center. Learn about indigenous culture and share some experiences with the local population: the tour includes the possibility of visiting indigenous Kiwcha families!

If you are interested in some further information about the Ecuadorian Rainforest, please contact us and ask for your individual tour offer!