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Ecuadorian history is highly interesting and was strongly influenced by outside forces . From the Pre-Colombian period over the Inca and then to the Spanish conquistadors who made the population suffer. To the colonial history which marked a time of inequality, forced labor and exotic disease and the colonial history, the early years of independence and the strong influence of the catholic church. Ecuadorian history is very tumultuous , learn more about it!

The First Call for Independence

The ecuadorian independence is celebrated every 10th of august

On August 10, 1809 Quito was the place of the first revolt against Spain in Latin America. A group of criollos (people of Spanish descent but born in the South American colonies) declared their independence from the Spanish. They formed an independent government junta and signed a document which confirmed the rebellion. To understand what […]

Tránsito Amaguaña – A Fighter for Indigenous Rights

Tránsito Amaguaña was one of Ecuador’s most important indigenous leaders, who is until today remembered and honored. She was born on September 10, 1909 close to Cayambe. Her parents lived and worked on a hacienda. They worked for the owners and were additionally assigned a small piece of land to use for their own use, […]

The Gold Hill of Zaruma

In the village of Zaruma you can visit a former gold mine.

The beginning of the exploitation of gold in the province of El Oro goes back to pre-colonial times. In Zaruma, located in the province’s highlands in Ecuador’s coastal region, the discovery of gold veins brought about a promising economic activity. During colonial times, the indigenous people formed the labor force. The work was very hard […]

Jewish Exile in Ecuador

Jewish Refugees in Ecuador

The well-known destinations for German Jewish refugees during the Holocaust were the United States, England, Switzerland, or other neighboring countries that seemed safe before the war began. However, it was actually difficult to get a visa for the US, and with the beginning of the war it became even harder and Europe was no longer […]

The Cacao Boom in Ecuador

Ecuador is an important cacao exporting country

Cacao had been known and used by the indigenous cultures of South and Central America for centuries. In 1502, Columbus saw his first cacao beans. Thinking they were almonds he was not really interested in them. It took almost 50 more years, before the first cacao beans reached Europe and were presented to the King of […]

Afro-Ecuadorian History

African slaves were also brought to Ecuador in the colonial times.

Especially the Northern Ecuadorian Coast is home for many Ecuadorians of African ancestry. Their history is quite fascinating and their cultural roots can be found until today in their traditions and customs.Many of today’s Afro-Ecuadorian population are still descendants of the first free Black people of this country: In the 17th century a slave ship […]