Author: astrid-schneider

Astrid likes learning and writing about Ecuador's history and about her favorite places in this beautiful country, especially the Amazon. As a passionate traveler she loves discovering new places, and as a former literature major she is always interested in new books she might find about Ecuador, its people and stories.

The First Call for Independence

The ecuadorian independence is celebrated every 10th of august

THE FIRST CALL FOR INDEPENDENCE ASTRID On August 10, 1809 Quito was the place of the first revolt against Spain in Latin America. A group of criollos (people of Spanish descent but born in the South American colonies) declared their independence from the Spanish. They formed an independent government junta and signed a document which […]

Tránsito Amaguaña – A Fighter for Indigenous Rights


TRÁNSITO AMAGUAÑA – A FIGHTER FOR INDIGENOUS RIGHTS ASTRID Tránsito Amaguaña was one of Ecuador’s most important indigenous leaders, who is until today remembered and honored. She was born on September 10, 1909 close to Cayambe. Her parents lived and worked on a hacienda. They worked for the owners and were additionally assigned a small […]

Jewish Exile in Ecuador

Jewish Refugees in Ecuador

JEWISH EXILE IN ECUADOR ASTRID The well-known destinations for German Jewish refugees during the Holocaust were the United States, England, Switzerland, or other neighboring countries that seemed safe before the war began. However, it was actually difficult to get a visa for the US, and with the beginning of the war it became even harder […]

Honeymoon in Ecuador

You will never forget your honeymoon on the Galapagos

HONEYMOON IN ECUADOR ASTRID Would your perfect honeymoon be in an all-inclusive beach resort, where you do nothing but lie besides the pool the whole day? Then Ecuador is definitely not the destination for you. But if you’re looking for that wonderful combination of romantic hotels, breathtaking landscapes, adventurous activities and marvelous encounters, then a […]

The Cacao Boom in Ecuador

Ecuador is an important cacao exporting country

The Cacao Boom in Ecuador ASTRID Cacao had been known and used by the indigenous cultures of South and Central America for centuries. In 1502, Columbus saw his first cacao beans. Thinking they were almonds he was not really interested in them. It took almost 50 more years, before the first cacao beans reached Europe and […]

The Kichwa Language

In the Ecuadorian rain forest kichwa is spoken in many communities

THE KICHWA LANGUAGE ASTRID Today, as many people celebrate the “Indigenous Peoples Day” we want to give you an insight a language spoken in the Amazon of Ecuador: The language of the Kichwa. The indigenous people of this culture, who originally are from the highlands, have lived for centuries in the Amazon. They mostly live […]

Afro-Ecuadorian History

Afro-Ecuadorian history: In colonial times African slaves were also brought to Ecuador.

AFRO-ECUADORIAN HISTORY ASTRID Today we want to share information with you about Afro-Ecuadorian history. Especially the Northern Ecuadorian Coast is home for many Ecuadorians of African ancestry. Their history is quite fascinating and their cultural roots can be found until today in their traditions and customs. Many of today’s Afro-Ecuadorian population are still descendants of […]

International Coffee Day

Ecuador is an important coffee exporting land

INTERNATIONAL COFFEE DAY ASTRID Today (September, 29th) is International Coffee Day! Did you know that coffee is an Arabic word? It’s “qahwa” and means “stimulating drink.” It was discovered in the 9th century in Ethiopia in the region of Kaffa and arrived to Arabia because of the slave trade in the 16th century. The process […]

Floreana, a Book Review

Floreana, a Book Review ASTRID If you hear “Galapagos”, you will probably think about giant tortoises and iguanas, and Darwin and his theory of evolution. But there’s another side to the Galapagos Islands that is less known yet absolutely fascinating: the history of the islands’ first settlers. Especially the history of the first inhabitants on […]

Ecuador: A Paradise for Bird Watchers

Ecuador is a birdwatchers paradise

Ecuador: A Paradise for Bird Watchers ASTRID For being such a small country, Ecuador has an amazing diversity of plants and animals. For bird lovers, Ecuador is a true paradise with a huge variety of birds in the different areas of the country. Recently we went to check out Yanacocha and the area close to […]