Author: martijn-van-weert

Since his experience in Ecuador was Martijn’s first time living abroad, he is very interested in the difference in culture, learning about Ecuador's history and traveling around to see what amazing places Ecuador has to offer, and getting to know local people as he goes.

A visit to our social project

Niño del Refugio Quito

As is a tradition, I was able to visit our social project – the Refugio de los Sueños – last week with some of my colleagues. This way I was able to see where the money goes that we donate to the foundation – every one of our clients automatically contributes $10. Recently we […]

Fruits of Ecuador

Fruits of Ecuador - Market in Licto

When I first arrived to Ecuador, one of the first things I did was head to the supermarket to buy all the fruits of Ecuador I had never seen before. I should have gone to the local market where the fruit is much better (and cheaper), and maybe I should have read a little about […]