Author: silvia-morales

Silvia enjoys her job in tourism because she thinks that every corner of Ecuador is very special. When she writes blogs she likes to share her history, culture and traditions as well as little known things about her country. She also loves to travel with her family looking for new destinations.

Volcanoes in Ecuador

volcanoes in ecuador

Being among the summits of the volcanoes in Ecuador is no doubt an unforgettable experience. Perhaps you don’t know that each mountain is hiding curious legends, and that those have been told by grandparents from generation to generation. We believe that the mountains are not simple land formations, but more than that. According to the […]

The Day of the Dead in Ecuador – Traditions

Guagua de Pan

For the Ecuadorians, each year November 2 is the day to commemorate in different ways the Day of the Dead. The “Día de los Muertos” which was celebrated in Ecuador last week is an old tradition since pre-Inca times. In pre-Inca times the burying of the dead was an important ritual that followed the indigenous […]