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Ecuadorian shrimp ceviche is one of the most popular and tasted dishes not only from the coast but from the entire Ecuador. To prepare this delicious Ecuadorian dish you will need: 2 pounds of cooked shrimp, peeled and veinless 2 small red onions, sliced into super-thin slices 4 tomatoes, thinly sliced or diced 1 green […]

Traveling with is good for the environment

A contstant maintanance of Jocotoco´s land is necesary.

During each voyage with a motorized means of transport, CO2 is emitted. This is a fact that is still unavoidable these days. In order to keep the negative impact of traveling on the environment as low as possible, there exist a number of carbon offsetting methods. One method is an economic compensation that is realized […]

How is a weekend in Baños de Agua Santa

Baños de Agua Santa is a city located in the province of Tungurahua, approximately 3 hours and a half from Quito. It has the charm of a small and mysterious town and it is known as the South American adventure capital due to the number of activities involving extreme sports, excursions to the volcano Tungurahua […]

Between the Clouds – Yanacocha Reserve

inside the Yanacocha reserve you can find a big variety of hummingsbirds.

If you thought you’d already seen everything in Quito and believed that there were no new places to go, well, you are wrong! There exists a magical place full of beautiful landscapes with spectacular flora and fauna, hidden among the clouds, and the most important thing is, that it is only an hour away, a […]

A hike around the Cuicocha crater lake

The Cuicocha lagoon is considered a sacred lake.

On one weekend, when I was in Otavalo, I decided to circle the Cuicocha crater lake – or at least I wanted to try it. I had been there before but never walked around completely. So, this was still on my to do list for Ecuador.    Cuicocha is situated near the small town of Cotacachi […]

Our favorite museums in Ecuador

The capilla del hombre is an interesting museum in Quito.

You can find many different museums in Ecuador. From tiny community-run exhibitions to pompous art museums of the so-called Quito school, there is a museum for every taste. The staff of ranked their favorite museums in Ecuador. Unfortunately the National Museum with the famous Gold Room is currently closed for renovation, which is why […]