Author: yamileth-gomez

Yamileth loves her country and culture. She likes learning more every day about history, art and ethnic groups in Ecuador. She loves to teach, especially children, the myths and legends of the country, because they are very diverse and talk about deeds of heroes, romances between mountains and hidden treasures.

Andean Music

Traditional band

Music is the art of mixing sounds, and expressing feelings and emotions. It is proven that people have created music from the beginning of time. The history of music begins with the Egyptian Culture. They used instruments that were very difficult to use and to build, such as the harp. Because of its soft and […]’s trip to Riobamba

riobamba fruit market

The team of took a weekend to the Riobamba area to share a lot of new experiences together. We took the opportunity to look for new tourist attractions that so far we had not visited in order to determine whether they will become a part of our tour itineraries in Ecuador. We also had […]

Festivities of Quito

Playing Cards

The festivities of San Francisco de Quito are celebrated to remember the foundation of the city. It was on December 6 in the year 1534 that Quito was founded by Sebastian de Benalcazar, in the same place where it is today. In August of the same year, a city was already founded near Colta Lagoon […]