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If you thought you’d already seen everything in Quito and believed that there were no new places to go, well, you are wrong! There exists a magical place full of beautiful landscapes with spectacular flora and fauna, hidden among the clouds. And the most important thing is, it is only an hour away. This paradisiac place is in the parish of Nono, northwest of the city of Quito. Its name is Yanacocha Reserve.

The Yanacocha Reserve or “black lagoon” is located between 3.200-3.700 m above sea level. It offers tranquility and a natural environment, thanks to its cloud forest. You will observe the most enchanting landscape that your eyes will ever be able to see. Its spectacular flora guides us to the way “Trocha del Inca” located in the reserve. There are mosses, ferns, bromeliads, bamboo, polylepis (paper tree) and orchids that bloom in the month of November. And not to forget the amazing diversity of fauna. You can expect deer, crazy birds, wild turkeys, the masked bird, empitas… Finally, especially the beautiful hummingbirds fill this landscape with color with their extraordinary flutter.

flowers Yanacocha reserva

Endless photo opportunities

In this beautiful place you will find the black-breasted zamarrito, which is considered to be an emblematic bird of the place. Moreover, the hummingbirds steal the show when crossing from all sides, very close to people’s faces. They even pose for the cameras, very gallant. When this happens you can observe them  so  closely that it is almost impossible not to take photographs! You’ll be able to recognise the characteristics of each one of these hummingbirds, like the White Puffleg with its fluffy slipper-like feet. These beautiful birds offer a truly spectacular scenery. What attracts the attention of this place is its wildlife, to see them free. Of course! The most beautiful thing is to see these animals in their own space and time moving around because the whole landscape belongs to them.

Yanacocha reserva

The Yanacocha Reserve offers the following attractions: the spectacled bear trail (soon in operation), hummingbird garden, Polylepis Forest, Inca Trail, Viewpoint and a Waterfall. In addition, there is also a cozy cafeteria where you can protect yourself from the cold with a coffee or hot chocolate.

What else you need to know

This paradise is recommended for people who love nature, who want to disperse and get out of the daily routine. If you are interested in visiting Yanacocha it is recommendable to bring warm clothes and comfortable shoes for walking, sunscreen, cap and the best predisposition to get to know a new place so close to the city. This hidden paradise is really unique, let’s take care of it!

birds Yanacocha reserva

By Sheyla.

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