COVID-19 in ecuador

Since February 2020, the new coronavirus (Covid-19) has reached Ecuador and is spreading rapidly here as well as in other countries worldwide. The protection and health of our customers is our highest priority. In addition, the numerous national security measures include the suspension of air traffic and a country-wide curfew. We understand the uncertainty this creates for our travelers very well. The following information is therefore intended to clarify, how we can work together to find the best solution for dealing with your travel in the context of the current situation caused by the coronavirus.

Under the current circumstances, it is necessary to act together responsibly and to accept all those restrictions that are necessary to avoid further negative influence on the situation and to avoid new infections as far as possible. Therefore, for your own protection as well as due to the numerous security measures in place, we are currently unable to operate trips to Ecuador, which take place until 31.05.2020. Of course we understand that you have planned your trip well in advance and were looking forward to it. And also for us as your tour operator, the worldwide effects of the coronavirus pose a challenge. We are therefore explicitly asking you to postpone your trip to a later date, when we can guarantee both your safety and a problem-free travel, instead of cancelling it. In this regard, we kindly ask for your understanding and your assistance.

Unfortunately, at the moment it is very difficult for us to foresee the extension of the travel restrictions. We therefore ask for your patience with regard to travels that are scheduled to take place from June onwards. We will keep you informed about new information. And of course we will contact you personally if we can predict that your travel will be affected by the restrictions. In any case, however, we recommend that you inform yourself about the current situation in your respective destination country through the news and especially through the information provided by the respective Foreign Office of your country.


We will be happy to be at your disposal during our usual office hours in order to help you to adjust your travel plans. Requests for travel at later dates (approximately from autumn 2020) are always welcome.