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Andean Bears Ecuador

Andean bears in the north of Ecuador

The team visited Pimampiro in the northern part of the Ecuadorian Andes. At the viewpoint "Mirador del Oso Andino" we were wolcomed by Danilo who tought us about the life of the Andean bears in this region, the living together of the animals and local farmers and the projects he initiated for the protection of the bears.

tree with lianas in the Parque Amazonas in Tena

Rainforest in Ecuador -
Tena travelogue

Tena is known as a rainforest city. The capital of the province Napo is an ideal starting point to explore the Selva, the tropical rainforest in Ecuador. The journey took me to beautiful places of untouched, pristine nature and into the absolute darkness of the Jumandi Caves! Read about the animals that can be observed and the activities in the surroundings of Tena.

Ecuador Blog über Karneval in Ambato

Carnival in Ecuador – How to celebrate in Ambato

Ambato is one of the capitals of carnival in Ecuador! Here, carnival is a must and a lot of fun! But carnival here in Ecuador is not celebrated as you might maybe know it from your country... Read about what is so special about the carnival in Ambato! We also tell you, which traditions are lived here and how you celebrate?

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Are you a vegetarian and don’t know what you will find in the numerous local names of traditional dishes, such as Humita and Llapingachos? Here you can get a lot of tips on what you should definitely try as a vegetarian in Ecuador!

Swimming with turtles, sea lions and sharks, sun bathing on a beautiful secluded beach, eating fresh lobster and watching amazing sunsets – all in one day? It is possible with an Island Hoppig Tour on the Galapagos! Here you can read all you need to know for Island Hopping on the Galapagos Islands!

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