Ecuadorian andes tours has several tours which will show you the amazing landscapes of the Ecuadorian Andes and of the colonial cities in this area

Colonial cities

The Spanish conquistadors found the Ecuadorian Andes to offer a pleasant climate with a way less hostile environment than the hot and humid coastal flat lands. The cities of Quito and Cuenca, founded in 1534 and 1557 respectively, were one of the earliest cities founded in what is today Ecuador. The well-preserved historic city centers offer many architectural treasures. During a city tour of Quito you can discover the many churches, decorated with an abundance of gold and displaying the master pieces of the baroque Quito school. Several world-class museums tell the story of the cities, their history and people.  Our Ecuador Highlights Tour includes both Quito and Cuenca, as well as the Avenue of the Volcanoes and a short visit to the Amazon.

Birds and orchids

The Ecuadorian Andes offer an incredible variety of flora and fauna. Nature lovers will enjoy, for example, our Biology Tour, which includes the eastern and western cloud forest, both incredible hotspots for many different species. Avid bird watchers will for sure enjoy our bird watching tour which also visits the cloud forest with its many different species of hummingbirds. Of course we are happy to create an individual tour offer according to your interests or bird list, just drop us a line.

Trekking and Climbing

The volcanoes of the Ecuadorian Andes are perfect for climbing and offer a beautiful scenery for long trekking tours. The Condor Trek, for example, takes you in four days from the flanks of snow-capped Mount Antisana through the high paramo to Mount Cotopaxi with its picture-perfect snow-covered cone. Climbing Ecuador’s mountains is an exciting challenge, which requires the necessary preparation and acclimatization. Our 6-days-long Climbing Tour prepares you for climbing the Cotopaxy and includes some of the smaller mountains. For a less strenuous option, check out the Quilotoa Trek. During this tour you sleep in nice hostels (no tents) and can enjoy the marvelous scenery of the western Andes and the magnificent Quilotoa Crater Lake.

Mountain Biking and Horseback Riding Tours

If you want to have some adventurous experiences in the Ecuadorian Andes, we have different tours in offer which will give you right these feelings. If you like horseback riding, we have two exemplary tours of four days, one in the north and one in the south of the Andes around Quito. where will get to know the Ecuadorian Andes on the back of a horse. When you do prefer using a bit more your own body, then our mountainbiking tour will be perfect for you.

Ecuador andes information

The Ecuadorian Andes have different beauties to explore. Besides the colonial cities as Quito and Cuenca, the most stunning places to visit are the several volcanos. Some still active, some not anymore, these Andean giants invite to be climbed or just photographed and let you have a real adventure tour. If you want to get more deeper information about the Ecuadorian Andes, please check out our Information page.