challenge the giants

In the Ecuadorian Andes there is so much to see. You will get the chance to see colonial cities such as Quito or Cuenca. Also there are numerous volcanoes in Ecuador. The highest ones are the Chimborazo, Cotopaxi and the Cayambe. They are between 5.000 and 6.300 meters high. Close to the Andes you can find a unique ecosystem. A good way to explore the biodiversity of the wildlife in Ecuador. offers you several tours in the Ecuadorian Andes.

the Colonial cities

Cuenca is a beautiful colonial city in the south of Ecuador.

The Spanish conquistadors moved to the Andes with the hope to find a friendly environment. During the 15th century the cities of Quito and Cuenca were built. Thereby they are one of the first build cities in Ecuador. The historic centers are well preserved and offer a lot of ancient architecture. Did you know, for example, that Cuenca’s architecture was inspired by Florence, in Italy? The mix of Andean and Renaissance elements results in a unique urban landscape. Likewise, with a simple walk in Quito you will discover numerous churches decorated in gold. In fact, they are part of the Baroque tradition.  Several museums are telling the story of these cities and the inhabitants.
Just to mention some highlights of one of the tours. A visit to Quito and Cuenca. As well as an Volcano Trail.

amidst hummingBirds and orchids

The Ecuadorian Andes offer an incredible variety of flora and fauna. Nature lovers will surely enjoy our Ecuador Nature Tour. You will explore the eastern and western rainforest. Moreover, you will get to see the different species. We have prepared a special tour for Birdwatchers. The Birdwatcher’s Paradise Tour offers a visit to the rainforest to observe its many species of hummingbirds. We are happy to create an individual tour offer based on your interests. Maye you are interested in some specific birds. Feel free to let us know.

  • 12 days in the North of Ecuador
  • have a look at a list with a small selection of
    Ecuador’s bird species
  • starting from US$ 3845,- p.p.

What to explore with the Birdwatcher´s Paradise Tour? Almost 1/6 of all known bird species can be found in Ecuador, making this country a true paradise for birdwatchers and photographers. This tour gives you the possibility to see a lot of them. 

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  • 13 days Ecuador Nature Tour
  •  explore am amazing variety of wildlife and plants 
  • starting from US$ 2575,- p.p.

During the Ecuador Nature Tour will get very close to the untouched nature of Ecuador. You discover the impressive cloud forest northwest of Quito where you can do birdwatching and observe the huge biodiversity. Ecuador’s Amazon region offers an amazing variety of wildlife and plants.

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Trekking and Climbing

The volcanoes of the Ecuadorian Andes are perfect for climbing and offer beautiful scenery for long hikes. The Condor Trek, for example, takes you in five days from the flanked of the snow-capped Mount Antisana to the Cotopaxi which, with its characteristic snow-covered cone, is a perfect spot for breathtaking photos. Climbing the mountains of Ecuador is an exciting challenge, which requires the necessary preparation and acclimatization.

Our eight-days Cotopaxi Climbing Tour prepares you to climb the Cotopaxi and includes some of the smaller mountains. For a more comfortable option, ask us about the Quilotoa Trek. During this tour you will sleep in colourful tiny hostels and enjoy the wonderful scenery of the western Andes and the magnificent lake of the Quilotoa crater.

The beauty of the ecuadorian Andes is hardly to describe
  • 8 days Mountain Climbing Tour
  • try to climb one of the highest volcanoes in the world
  • starting from US$ 1295,- p.p.

The Cotopaxi Climbing Tour is a 8-day Mountain Climbing Tour.Ecuador offers mountain climbing possibilities on the Pasochoa, Iliniza Norte and the second-highest volcano of Ecuador, the Cotopaxi Volcano, with an altitude of 5,897 meters above sea level. The Cotopaxi Climbing Tour real adrenaline seekers!

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  • 5 days hike in the Andes
  • it is also called “Ecuadors Ruta del Sol”
  • starting from US$ 1145,- p.p.

The Condor Trek is one of Ecuador’s most beautiful and famous hikes in the Andes mountains (it’s also called Ecuador’s Ruta del Condor). It takes 5 days, walking about 6 to 8 hours per day.  Spend the nights camping under the stars. Enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery and breathtaking views as the trek ascents in the impressive Andean paramo.

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Mountain Biking and Horseback Riding Tours

We have prepared a series of tours for adventure lovers who want to discover the Andes with a little more adrenaline.

Experience the beauty and grandeur of the Ecuadorian Andes on horseback. Read more about the Horseback Riding in Pululahua. Each morning will bring new experiences and a chance to contemplate the beauty of the mountains and valleys. Stay in beautiful haciendas in remote areas, and meet the friendly people in the small communities.

Another idea could be to explore Ecuador by mountain bike, cycling on the crest of the Andes. You will have the opportunity to ride in a unique context for its extraordinary diversity: colorful fields, rural settlements, local markets, tropical mountain vegetation and, of course, the majestic volcanoes will be your companions during the trip. For example you can hike around the Cuicocha Crater Lake. Read our story “a hike around the cuicocha crater lake”.

With those alternative tours, we help to encourage low impact, positive tourism across these often overlooked regions!

  • 8 days adventure tour
  • a variety of adventurous activities 
  • starting from 1540 $ p.p

Challenge yourself and join this magical Multisport Adventure Tour on the Ecuadorian mainland! The largest biodiversity on earth and the richest geography are located along the Equator line. Thus, there are many different activities you can explore. Undertake an excursion that offers mountain biking down the slopes of the eastern Andean Mountain Range with great views of the active volcano, hiking the colorful Andean “paramo” , and river rafting on the Jatunyacu River as well. Additionally, relax and soak in volcanic hot springs of Papallacta at the end of the trip!

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