General Overview

The Ecuadorian Coast offers a lot, from the tropical wet forest at the north to the savannas of the center and the dry forest of the west and south. You can visit unique mangroves, some archaeological excavations and beautiful places for a perfect coast vacation. You will find many fishing villages and stunning beaches with crystal clear water. Besides, all these beautiful places offer delicious and fresh seafood.

The weather at the coast is mostly warm. There are two season, wet and dry. From December to May it is warm and humid, the rest of the year is drier and a bit cooler.

You should not miss the beautiful untouched coastline that stretches for 2,000 kilometers from North to South. We offer various tours along the coast.

Ecuadorian Coast TourS

The Ecuadorian Coast offers plenty of amazing places to visit. Surely the most relaxed option are the numerous beaches along the Ecuadorian Pacific Coastline. But there are also some options for getting active: surfing, paragliding, snorkeling, sailing, or hiking are offered in different places along the coast. If you’re interested in Ecuador’s pre-Columbian history, many important archaeological sites can be found, as well as interesting museums. Beautiful natural reserves and national parks offer unspoiled experiences. The largest Ecuadorian city, Guayaquil, is also located on the Ecuadorian Coast.

  • 8 days ecuadorian coast
  • beaches, wildlife and other treasures to explore
  • starting from US$ 1530,- p.p.

Travel along the famous Ruta del Sol. From South to North, this tour shows you Ecuador’s most beautiful beaches, important archaeological sites, an island with a hidden treasure and great wildlife, and much more.
Please note that during summer (from July to September) the weather is rather cold and windy on the Southern and Central Ecuadorian coast. However, it’s the best time of the year for whale watching. The most famous city for whale watching along the Ruta del Sol is Puerto Lopez in the South of Ecuador.

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Nature Reserves and National Parks

The Natural Reserve “Manglares Churute” is located close to the city of Guayaquil. Only about 19 miles southeast of Guayaquil, the reserve consists of a huge area of mangroves. It is home to a lot of species of birds and in the tropical forest you can see (and hear) howler monkeys. Our tour to the reserve also offers the possibility to learn about Ecuadorian cacao and chocolate on a nearby farm.

Machalilla National Park in the province of Manabí offers Ecuador’s most beautiful beach Los Frailes, coastal dry forest, and an archeological open-air museum at the indigenous community of Aguas Blancas. It can be easily visited from Puerto Lopez.

Only a short boat tour away from Puerto Lopez is the Isla de la Plata, which is also part of Machalilla National Park. This small island offers you an amazing variety of animals, almost comparable to the Galapagos Islands.

Archaeological Sites on the Ecuadorian Coast

The Ecuadorian Coast has several important archaeological sites to visit. Valdivia, Jama and Bahia de Caráquez were home to some of the first tribes who lived in the area of the Ecuador of today. Our Archaeological Tour stops at all of these sites and gives you an amazing impression of the ancient times. Especially the informative museums offer plenty of insights of the former cultures. Please contact us for more information.


Although Ecuador is not a classic beach destination, it has some beautiful beaches. A huge advantage is that some beaches in Ecuador are still comparatively unexplored and less crowded. The beaches along the Ruta del Sol invite you to relax and to enjoy some good seafood in one of the small beach towns. Possible places to go to are for example Salinas, Jama or Puerto Lopez.

A short stay on the Ecuadorian Coast is the perfect extension to any of our tours. For further information about tours to the Ecuadorian Coast, please feel free to contact us!