Galapagos and Ecuador with Kids

Ecuador is a great destination for a fun family vacation. Your kids will love the wild animals in the jungle, smoking volcanoes in the Sierra, the beautiful beaches on the coast and, of course, the unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands. Traveling to Ecuador with kids means lots of unforgettable experiences (and great pictures to prove it!).

On this page (Galapagos and Ecuador with Kids) we want to give you all the information that will be useful for you when you are planning to travel to the Galapagos Islands and to Ecuador with kids. Also check out our two family tours, Ecuador for Kids and Galapagos for Kids. They are sample itineraries for a great tour to the Galapagos and Ecuador with kids. Contact us to start planning your individual family adventure.


When you come to Ecuador with kids we will choose family-friendly hotels that have family rooms or suites (where available) and that are used to children as their clients. While many hotels and restaurants have high chairs, it is not that common for them to have cribs. If you are traveling with a small child, we have a portable crib that we will lend to you during your tour.

In the highlands, historic haciendas let you experience past centuries. They used to be huge farms, but the owners didn’t actually do a lot of work: they lived in beautiful mansions (that’s the hotel now) and let the local population work for them. Many haciendas  have been converted into comfortable hotels. They still have many of the old machines and tools, have one or two secret passages, and maybe even ghosts haunting the old building (ghosts are called duendes in Ecuador, they like throwing stuff around and letting doors bang closed, like a poltergeist).

In the jungle, the lodges offer some true adventures for the whole family. If you prefer more luxurious comfort, be sure to visit one of the lodges in or close to the Yasuni National Park. For a more down-to-earth experience, visit Cuyabeno and be amazed by the wildlife. Please note that we recommend a minimum age of about 5 for our jungle tours, but of course we can also arrange tours for smaller children.

A boat ride on the Cuyabeno River is fun for kids.


When we know that you are coming to Ecuador with kids, we will have a bigger car ready for you. We recommend you bring your own car seat(s), which you can also use in the plane. Let us know if you are bringing a stroller, many suitcases, or other larger things, and we will haven an even bigger car ready for you.

Galapagos with Kids

The Galapagos are truly one of nature’s paradises and are a special highlight of any Ecuador tour. But when you’re in Ecuador with kids, is it really a good idea to visit Galapagos with the little ones? The answer is: Yes, they will have the experience of a lifetime! There are different ways to discover the amazing islands, depending on your family’s wishes we are happy to find the best tour for you.


A cruise is a wonderful chance to see lots of wildlife up close, snorkel and swim in the ocean with sea lions and turtles, and walk on real volcanic lava. For older kids, it is probably the best way to discover the amazing variety of the islands. However, small kids are usually not allowed on board (under 5) and only few yachts have family cabins. Some yachts offer special kids tours during high season, with special activities and food.

Island Hopping Tour

A land-based tour (so-called “Island Hopping”)  is the perfect alternative for kids of any age. You stay in comfortable hotels and on day trips and shorter tours you can discover the islands. You can choose how many different islands you want to visit and include some fun activities like kayaking and snorkeling. If you or your kids tend to get seasick, don’t worry: there’s even small planes that you can take to travel from one island to the next. Here you can find an itinerary example.

Read more about one family’s experience in Dorit’s Blog Post about traveling to the Galapagos as a family.

The Galapagos Islands are ideal for traveling with kids.

Ecuador with Kids: Tips for your tour

  • Prepare your kids for the trip. There are many informative websites and books for kids, about the Galapagos Island, the Rain Forest, the Indigenous population, etc. The National Geographic Kids Page is a great place to start.
  • Family pics: our guide will be happy to take as many pictures as you like of your whole family: in front of a smoking volcano, next to a group of llamas, eating Ecuadorian chocolate, greeting an indigenous person, etc… So be sure to bring a good camera.
  • Souvenirs: If you want your kids to remember this trip, let them choose some interesting souvenirs: a bracelet made from jungle seeds, panpipes, bow and arrow or a blowgun, and of course lots of chocolate 😉
  • Animal diary: If writing a whole travel diary is too boring, let your kids write an animal diary, especially if you’re going to the Galapagos and/or the Amazon. They can write down the names of the animals they saw each day and add drawings. Back at home you can read up together on the most interesting ones – and the next school project is as good as done!