How is a weekend in Baños de Agua Santa

Baños de Agua Santa is a city located in the province of Tungurahua, approximately 3 hours and a half from Quito. It has the charm of a small and mysterious town and it is known as the South American adventure capital due to the number of activities involving extreme sports, excursions to the volcano Tungurahua and relaxing time in its hot springs rich in minerals.

We were so looking forward to this trip! Our adventure began at the southern bus terminal of Quito, Quitumbe, where we took a bus on the Quito-Puyo route, paying five dollars for the ticket.

Approximately after three and a half hours we arrived at Baños and, from there, we took a chiva – a small open bus – to reach Comuna Santa Rosa de Runtun. Our first adventurous stop was the Flight of the Condor, basically a huge swing on the void. Its name derives from the speed that the swing gets in the beginning of the ride.

We were welcomed very warmly by the workers of this family business, they even offered us a typical liquor to relax before what would have been the swing of a lifetime! It is, indeed, a family company with the aim of making the braves feel the adrenaline for a cost of twenty dollars.

We decided to go for the highest swing, called “the Beast”, that has an impressive pendulum’s length of sixty meters. We can’t describe the feelings during the ride, the Flight of the Condor is a must-see!

After taming the Beast, we took our trusted chiva and headed to the Swing at the End of the World, which is located on a tree house located at 2,660 meters above the sea level. While swinging, you will have an extraordinary view on the volcano Tungurahua and on the valley.

Adrenaline with the swing of the end of the world

After this funny and risky chapter of our trip we visited the Casa de Dulce la Selecta (House of Sweets). We were able to learn how the delicious guava candy is made from its harvest to its sale.

Did you think Baños was a city for daytime adventures only? Well, you were wrong because this city doesn’t sleep!

In the center you will find a great variety of discotheques and bars where you spend an unforgettable night dancing salsa, merengue and reggaeton. We opted for the Leprechaun Disco, which offers three environments with different music in order for you to never get bored.

i love Baños

We had one more day for more adventures, so we decided to go exploring the waterfalls path. On the way, we also had the chance to observe the Agoyan hydroelectric dam, which is only the prelude for the first actual waterfall, the Gates of Heaven, situated just one kilometer away from the Agoyan tunnels. This is a very visited waterfall, as the water ends up right on the road where bicycle and cars transits and because of the peculiar Christ-alike rock situated nearby.

On the way we found many offers for extreme sports and we decided to go for canopy, as we were craving some more adrenaline! Later on, we thought that an incredible waterfall must be appreciated by the right angle, therefore we went for a ride on the cable car “Piece of Sky”. From here, we had an outstanding view of the waterfall called the “Mantle of the Bride”, which is located within the urban bathing area and it is approximately forty meters high with only one fall. The water is transparent, with a temperature of 10º C.

pailon del diablo waterfall

After that, we moved to the parish of Río Verde (the Green River), thirty minutes far away from Baños. Here lies the majestic Pailón del Diablo, an eighty meters high waterfall considered to be one of the largest in Ecuador and one of the ten most spectacular in the world.

Take your chance and visit Baños, it could turn out to be one of your best experiences so far!

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