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Sustainability is a part of the mission. We are always trying to guarantee sustainable travels through Ecuador. Also we are supporting local institutions as much as local companies. If you are also interested in sustainability or in our activities – read more in this category.

New marine reserve in the eastern Pacific

Marine reserve

New marine reserve in the eastern Pacific Master There is good news for the Pacific: As part of the UN climate summit, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica announced the establishment of one of the largest and most biodiverse marine reserves in the world. This will significantly increase and join already existing protected waters in […]

Pack for a Purpose

Pack for a Purpose

Pack for a Purpose DIEGO Pack for a Purpose (PfaP) is an initiative that serves as a link between communities, schools or hospitals with multiple needs and travelers. Those do not only pack their clothes, but also some supplies, which they donate by help of the organization to those in need. They are motivated to […]

Incredible viewpoint in the Amazon: Mirador Indichuris

From Mirador Indichuris you have a beautiful view of the jungle and rivers

Incredible viewpoint in the Amazon: Mirador Indichuris Angela One of the cities in Ecuador that is considered an ‘entrance to the Amazon’ is Puyo. This city is itself not very interesting, but from here you can start your tour into the jungle. There are plenty of options to book an organized tour, but this blog […]

Christmas at Refugio de los Sueños

Social project ecuador

Christmas at Refugio de los Sueños SOLEQMASTER Since many years has been supporting the day care center Refugio de los Sueños (“Refuge of Dreams”), a social project for neglected and socially disadvantaged children in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. This year 120 children and 15 Ecuadorian and international helpers attended the Christmas celebration. […]

Traveling with is good for the environment

A contstant maintanance of Jocotoco´s land is necesary.

TRAVELING WITH SOLEQ.TRAVEL IS GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT SOLEQMASTER Sustainability has a high value for the SOLEQ family. We participate in certain projects or institutions. The following article talks about some parts of this mission. Read why traveling with is good for the environment! During each voyage with a motorized means of transport, CO2 is […]

Yasuni: Paradise in Danger

YASUNI: PARADISE IN DANGER DAYANA The Yasuni is part of Ecuador’s Amazon region and is among the most biodiverse areas of the world.Read why Yasuni, a part of Ecuadors Amazon Paradise, is in Danger. The Yasuni Because of the unique environment the Yasuni is world famous. Even the UNESCO recognized the Amazon area for its ecological and also cultural […]

A visit to our social project supports the social project Refugio de los Sueños

A VISIT TO OUR SOCIAL PROJECT DAYANA As is a tradition, I was able to visit our social project – the Refugio de los Sueños – last week with some of my colleagues. This way I was able to see where the money goes that we donate to the foundation – every one of […]