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Yasuni: Paradise in Danger


The Yasuni is part of Ecuador’s Amazon region and is among the most biodiverse areas of the world. Because of the unique environment the Yasuni is world famous. Even the UNESCO recognized the Amazon area for its ecological and also cultural importance. The national park covers an area of 9,820 square kilometers and is located […]

The Peaceful Amazon Rainforest- Cuyabeno Lodge

Sunset in Cuyabeno, Amazon Rainforest, Cuyabeno Lodge

Welcome to the Amazon Rainforest! Imagine yourself sitting in a canoe, surrounded by sounds of monkeys, insects and birds, feeling the warm sun´s rays on your skin and watching the beautiful untouched nature.  You are on the way to Cuyabeno Lodge which is located in the Cuyabeno National park, in Northeastern Ecuador. The Amazon rainforest […]