Terms & conditions

1. Contract

The terms and conditions described in this document apply as a binding contract to all the services contracted via the company SOLECUTOURS ECUADOR CIA. LTDA., herein after referred to as “SOLEQ.travel”.
The traveler, client or any person or company, herein after called “client”, that contracts SOLEQ.travel’s services is bound by the terms and conditions herein described and accepts them as read and understood.

2. Reservations

2.1 All reservation requests and/or changes of an existing reservation shall be addressed to SOLEQ.travel in written form. The reservation will be confirmed once the booking form has been signed and a 30% deposit has been made. Without the deposit, SOLEQ.travel does not guarantee any reservation, or any rates.
The definitive reconfirmation for services in Galapagos will be realized 60 days before the beginning of the trip. For services in mainland Ecuador, the reconfirmation will be 30 days before the beginning of the trip. For this, it is necessary to pay the outstanding balance, as indicated on the invoice.
2.2 Bookings are considered “last minute” if they are confirmed less than 60 days before the beginning of the tour in case they include services on Galapagos, and less than 30 days before the beginning of the tour in case of services only in mainland Ecuador. Last-minute reservation requests will only be confirmed with a payment of 100% of the total.
2.3 If the client requests changes in their reservation which are significant and not in accordance with the original program and/or which will change the tour package’s price, they will notify SOLEQ.travel in written form and will have to pay the difference to reconfirm the requested services. Additional administrative charges may apply.
2.4 If there are changes in services or service providers, SOLEQ.travel will find the best possibility and inform the client as soon as possible. If no satisfactory solution can be found for the same price, the client will have to pay the difference.

3.Payment Policies

3.1 SOLEQ.travel will proceed to make reservations once the booking form has been signed and the payment and/or deposit conditions as established in 2.1 have been complied with. All payments have to be made within the specified time limits.
Payment conditions for services like yachts, hotels, and/or other services offered by third parties may vary, depending on the particular conditions established by each service provider and will be applied accordingly.
If payment obligations are not fulfilled within the stipulated time limits, SOLEQ.travel reserves the right to cancel the reservation.
3.2 Payments are possible by wire transfer, check, or credit card. Payment for small last-minute changes that are confirmed during the tour, can, upon prior agreement, be made in cash.
Payments by bank transfer or check will be made in US-American Dollars to one of the following bank accounts:

Bank: Banco del Pichincha Miami Agency
Address: 396 Alhambra Circle, Penthouse 2
Coral Gables, Florida 33134
ABA: 066012867
Account Number: 023119177

Bank: Banco del Pichincha
Address: Av. 6 de Diciembre y Portugal, 1761261 Quito, Ecuador
Account Number: 3417298804
Account Holder’s Address: Pasaje 9, S7 – 25 y Upano, Quito, Ecuador
Any additional fee for the transaction will be covered by the client and included in the transfer.
Payments by credit card will be made through our payment portal via a secure payment partner.


4.1 The client can only cancel their trip in written form. Verbal cancelations will not be accepted.
4.2 For refunds of payments or deposits already made, the following penalties will be charged:
– 60 or more days before the beginning of the trip: processing fee of US$ 50 per person.
– 59 to 30 days before the beginning of the trip: penalty of 20% of the total tour price.
– 29 to 15 days before the beginning of the trip: penalty of 50% of the total tour price.
– 14 to 7 days before the beginning of the trip penalty of 60% of the total tour price.
– 6 to 0 days before the beginning of the trip: penalty of 100% of the total tour price.
Fees for possible bank transfers have to be assumed by the client.
Cancelation policies of third-party service providers like yachts, airlines, hotels may vary and will be applied accordingly.
4.3 If the client decides to cancel the trip after its beginning for any reason, SOLEQ.travel will not grant any refund.
In case of a no-show or of services which have not been made use of, SOLEQ.travel will not grant any refund.

5. Changes of Itinerary and Activities

5.1 All tour itineraries are subject to change and might vary in their exact activities or the order of the activities.
5.2 SOLEQ.travel has the right to change the tour’s activities in the case of Force Majeure, like for example, weather conditions, natural disasters, regulations by authorities, (civil) war, political unrest, demonstrations, strikes, fire, epidemics, terrorism, traffic accidents. In this case, SOLEQ.travel will try to substitute the planned activities with similar activities.
5.3 SOLEQ.travel reserves the right to cancel any or all activities in the aforementioned cases of Force Majeure if necessary. In this case, no refund will be granted, nor will additional expenses (like accommodation, flight tickets, etc.) be covered.

6. Medical Conditions

6.1 The client is obligated to inform SOLEQ.travel about any medical conditions such as mental or physical illness or disability, pregnancy, or any other conditions that might affect their ability to participate in the tour and its activities. Failure to do so may result in the cancelation of the tour for the client. In this case, no refund will be granted.
6.2 SOLEQ.travel will try to comply with any special requirements or needs the client might have. However, SOLEQ.travel is not under any obligation and can not be held liable if these requirements can not be met during part or all of the tour.
6.3 The client is responsible to inform themself before confirming a tour whether they will be able to participate in all activities. If a client can not participate in any activities during the tour because of health or mobility issues, SOLEQ.travel will not grant any refund.
6.4 SOLEQ.travel does not assume any responsibility for the availability and quality of health care available during the tour. While SOLEQ.travel will do their best to support the client with assistance in case of medical needs, the company will not cover any additional expenses generated through medical emergencies.

7. Travel Documents

7.1 The client is responsible for having the necessary documents to travel to Ecuador. SOLEQ.travel can in no case be made responsible for any problems arising from missing travel documents upon entering Ecuador.
7.2 SOLEQ.travel will supply the client with all necessary vouchers and confirmations for services contracted via SOLEQ.travel.

8. Expulsion of Tour

8.1 If a client is seen as dangerous for themself or others, or if they are causing a nuisance to other travelers of their group, SOLEQ.travel’s representative, the ship’s captain, or the tourism guide can deny them participation in the program or cancel their trip at any time, at the client’s risk and expense.
8.2 For safety reasons, SOLEQ.travel does not allow clients on a tour who carry firearms or bladed weapons, knives, compressed gases, corrosive substances, explosives, munitions, fireworks and flares, flammable liquid or solid materials, radioactive material, or oxidizing materials. If a client is found in possession of any of these items, they will be expulsed from the tour.
8.3 SOLEQ.travel reserves the right to deny, revoke, accept, or restrict participation to any person they consider incapable of withstanding the difficulties or the fulfillment of prerequisites for partaking in the planned or contracted activities.
8.4 SOLEQ.travel does not take any responsibility for actions or activities by any client who takes, buys, or obtains, through any means, alcoholic drinks or illegal drugs. Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited. The possession of drugs shall be reported immediately. If the possession of drugs is detected, the tour will end immediately for the client and there will be no refund.
8.5 SOLEQ.travel is not obligated to refund any part of the payment to any traveler that has to leave the tour because of the reasons stated above.
Also, SOLEQ.travel does not take responsibility for accommodation, food, travel fare, or other expenses caused by the traveler’s expulsion from the tour for the aforementioned reasons.

9. Travel Insurance

It is strongly recommended that a client using services provided by SOLEQ.travel or by third parties made available through SOLEQ.travel, obtains travel insurance before arriving in Ecuador. No type of coverage is included in SOLEQ.travel’s tour packages, neither in the cruises nor on tours through mainland Ecuador. It is recommended to get insurance for the traveler and their personal property, which covers for example delays and cancelation, luggage loss or damage, accidents and health care, as well as evacuation, repatriation, and life insurance.

10. Liability

10.1 In the case of delay of airplanes, terrestrial or maritime transportation, or delay of the client, SOLEQ.travel does not take responsibility, nor does it pay the providers of the aforementioned services for any extra costs. The client shall assume any of the extra costs caused by the delay.
However, SOLEQ.travel will, within its possibilities, assist the client with the arrangements necessary in order to travel as planned.
10.2 SOLEQ.travel does not take responsibility for the loss or damage of luggage or any other of the client’s possessions.
10.3 In cases of Force Majeure, like for example weather conditions, natural disasters, regulations by authorities, (civil) war, political unrest, demonstrations, strikes, fire, epidemics, terrorism, traffic accidents, which obligate SOLEQ.travel to alter or cancel the tour or parts of it, SOLEQ.travel does not assume any liability and can not be held responsible for any additional expenses that might occur.
10.4 The client is aware of the fact that the tours that SOLEQ.travel offers are field experiences and thus imply the exposure to different accident risks, for example in the jungle, in the mountains, on hikes, or on the yachts. The client has full knowledge of this and voluntarily takes these risks. They acknowledge SOLEQ.travel’s function in offering these travel experiences and exempt SOLEQ.travel from any responsibility for any accident, harm caused by injury, sicknesses or death during their tour.

11. Complaints

11.1 SOLEQ.travel does its best to offer the client a high quality of service. If the client has any complaints, they should inform SOLEQ.travel as soon as possible, in order to find a quick solution. In this case the client should let the guide know the problem or contact SOLEQ.travel directly via phone or email.
11.2 All formal complaints by the client have to be made in writing to SOLEQ.travel within two weeks after the end of the tour. Complaints that are made at a later date can not be taken into consideration.
11.3 In case of complaints about the services offered by third parties, SOLEQ.travel can not be held responsible; yet the company will try to negotiate with the service provider on behalf of the client, but cannot guarantee any reimbursement or compensation by the third parties.

12. Changing of the Contract’s Conditions

No employee of SOLEQ.travel, travel agent, tourism guide, or company may change the terms and conditions stated in this document without the written consent of SOLEQ.travel’s general managers.

13. Severability Clause

Should any individual provisions in the above options terms be or become invalid, either in part or in full, or impracticable, this will not affect the validity of the other provisions. The invalid or impracticable provision will be replaced by a ruling that is as close as possible in economic purpose to the invalid or impracticable provision in a legally effective and practicable form. The same will also apply in the event of any unintended omissions.

14. Jurisdiction

This agreement is governed by Ecuadorian law and/or ordinances by governmental institutions in charge of tourism and will be interpreted accordingly under this law.