Culinary Tour

Culinary Tour

Ecuador is a compendium of landscapes, climates, species of flora and fauna and of the most exquisite flavours. Furthermore, Ecuador offers more than our beautiful Andean Mountains or the unique Galapagos Islands. Join us on this Culinary Tour and learn everything there is to know about Ecuadorian food and its preparation. Take cooking classes, go to lokal markets, try the most exquisite tastes and learn about the production of Quinoa. In addition, we invite you to try everything. Read more about Ecuadorian food in our blog post about typical Ecuadorian drinks and desserts.

Number of days: 10
Regions: Andes, Coast
Interests: Cities, Family Tour
Category: Standard
Total CO2 emission, in lb (per day for cruises): 754

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Day 1 - Arrival in Quito

Upon your arrival in Quito, your English-speaking guide will meet you at the airport. They will take you to your hotel in Quito’s center.

Day 2 - Cooking Class Sierra

In the morning at the reception your taxi will be ready to take you to Altamira restaurant where you will meet the Chef. He will guide you today. To start the Chef will give you a briefing about today activities and then bring you to the central market; in here the Chef will buy the ingredients for today class and explain about the different products in this market. There is also a chance to taste some endemic fresh fruit from Ecuador. Later you walk back to the restaurant and receive you Chef Costume and a recipe book. The 3 dishes we are preparing today are a Locro Soup, one of the most emblematic dishes from the Andes; a Fish with coconut sauce and fried bananas; and a Chocolate soup for dessert. The Chef will help you during the whole preparation and will give you details about the history and tradition involving each dish. Finally you will enjoy your self-made meal on the garden of the colonial house. You come back to the hotel with a taxi.

Day 3 - Volcano Route and Lupine Factory

Today your guide will pick you up in the morning from hotel to travel down south to Riobamba; during the drive you will see the majestic volcanoes of Ecuador. Lupine seed better known in Ecuador as “chochos” are an important part of Ecuadorian’s diet due their high amount of protein. You will visit a chocho factory and learn about the process and culture around this marvelous seed. Later you will enjoy the famous Chugchucaras, the main dish of the region. This dish includes many beads from the sierra with fried pork and empanadas filled with cheese. Mama Rosita, a famous local Chugchucaras specialist cook, hosts our today’s restaurant with her same name in Latacunga the capital city of the Cotopaxi province. Finally you will reach Riobamba under the majestic Chimborazo Volcano.

Day 4 - Chimborazo and Llama Beef

Today we visit Chimborazo. The Chimborazo is Ecuador’s highest mountain at 20,702 ft. Many will think Mt. Everest is the highest point on Earth but since the Earth is not round but oval Chimborazo is actually the highest point on Earth. In the Chimborazo Nature Reserve you can observe many vicuñas (similar to llamas), and with a bit of luck also culpeos (also known as Andean fox or wolf) and maybe even a condor. You can walk to the refuge, for about 45 minutes. Our next stop is the llama museum made by a local community that lives in Chimborazo; enjoy many interesting facts about this furry animal. The main dish for today is another unique one, the llama beef. Discover its unique taste accompanied with quinoa risotto, fried bananas and avocados.

Day 5 - Riobamba and Quinua Production

Visit Riobamba, a very important city for Ecuador’s history: The Republic’s first constitution was signed here. During the visit we will enjoy more unique dishes like the famous “hornado” cooked pork beef in la Merced local market. Another fantastic experience is the tropical flavor shaved ice from the Chimborazo volcano. Baltazar Uschka brings this natural ice from the top of the volcano; he is the last person doing this job.  Finally we visit a Quinua production community and if not weekend we also visit the factory of Quinua. We travel to Alausi.

Day 6 - Devils Nose Train

At 8 am you board the train which will take you on the famous “Devil’s Nose” route. It used to be a special (but risky) adventure to ride on the train’s roof, but nowadays you enjoy a comfortable train ride in historic coaches on the still adventurous zigzag tracks to Sibambe (travel time approx. 2.5 hours, both ways). At the top your guide will await you to bring you to a community restaurant. Enjoy the Caldo de Gallina soup with a panoramic view of the Nariz del Diablo. You travel further to the Inca ruins of Ingapirca, with the Temple of the Sun as its most important edifice. The compound’s exact purpose has not yet been understood by archaeologists, but they know that at the same spot the indigenous Cañari had a similar fortress. Your last stop for the day is Cuenca, where you will spend the night. With its historic city center, it is a gem of a colonial city and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999.

Day 7 - Cuenca

Today you discover Cuenca’s beautiful historic center. On a tour of the city you visit for example the impressive “new” cathedral with its striking cupolas, the main square Parque Calderon and Cuenca’s oldest district, Barranco. During the visit you will enjoy another famous dish, maybe the most famous of Ecuador, the roasted guinea pig, “cuy”. While it might seem unconventional to tuck into furry critters better known as domesticated pets in the West, this indigenous mammal has been a staple in Andean diet for around 5,000 years.

Day 8 - Cacao and Mango Road to Guayaquil

Ecuador highest quality agro product is cacao. Today you will get to know a cacao plantation which also includes another very delicious fruit of America, the Mango. You will receive a pouch to collect cacao beans and later prepare a cacao cocktail with a optional rum mix.  Finally we will reach the biggest city in Ecuador, Guayaquil.

Day 9 - Guayaquil Cooking Class

Guayaquil is the nation main port and because of that its main market Caraguay includes a wide range of products mainly fresh seafood. In the morning you will visit this famous market and in the afternoon back at your hotel you start another cooking class on the pacific coast. Today main dish is shrimp Sango de Verde, a typical coast soup made with green bananas. Once again you will turn yourself into a Chef and receive a master class by a cook.

Day 10 - Farewell Final Meal

On the last day depending on your flight, we will enjoy a delicacy in the self-proclaimed best fish ceviche restaurant in Guayaquil, Pepe 3. This restaurant only offers 1 dish, which is a fish Ceviche, its taste definitely the cherry on top of your tour. After this fantastic experience depending on your flight your guide will bring you to the airport for your international flight.

Rates and Services

Price per person: US$ 2020
(based on 2 people traveling)

Price includes:

  • Qualified English speaking guide
  • Air conditioned transportation
  • Accommodation 9 nights with breakfast included
  • Excursion and activities mentioned in the description
  • Meals according to the program
  • All transfers
  • Emergency phone service

Not included:

  • meals not specified
  • drinks
  • gratuities
  • personal expenses
  • Entrance fees for museums etc.
  • optional excursions and activities
  • personal travel insurance
  • international flights


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Quito: Mansion del Angel Riobamba: Mansion Santa Isabela Alausi: La Quinta Alausi Cuenca: Carvallo Guayaquil: Continental

Additional Information

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