What do you need to travel to ecuador

Ecuador is ready with security protocols to receive passengers and reactivate tourism.

The Ecuadorian Government with the Emergency Operations Committee presents a new protocol for entering Ecuador from August 15, 2020, which we hereby inform you of:

1.Travelers entering with negative RT-PCR test with a validity of up to ten (10) days before their entry into the country and without symptoms upon arrival: these persons must not perform     APO (obligatory preventive isolation) and their movement may be free in the Ecuadorian continental territory. These persons will NOT be obliged to comply with the 14-day preventive quarantine as required previously.

  1. Travelers entering without RT-PCR test: travelers arriving in Ecuador without a test have to register and stay in one of the city’s authorized hotels and undergo PCR test, he/she will do so at his/her own expense, maintaining preventive isolation while waiting for the test results.
ecuador ready to reactivate tourism

2.1 If the PCR test result is negative, the traveler will be allowed to leave the isolation and move freely within Continental Ecuador.

2.2 If the test result is positive, health and medical assistance will be provided through the Ministry of Health. If the traveler chooses private medical assistance, he/she will do so at his/her own expense.

  1. Any traveler who presents symptoms of COVID-19 upon arrival in Ecuador, and even when carrying a negative RT-PCR test, will be asked to undergo a new RT-PCR test at the traveler’s expense and will be transferred to one of the city’s authorized hotels for preventive isolation until negative results are confirmed. Preventive quarantine measures will depend on the results of the test as mentioned in the previous point.

Trip to the Galápagos Islands

The requirements to travel to the Galapagos Islands are:

*Travel insurance with medical coverage.                                                                                                                                      

*A negative PCR test certificate taken within 96 hours prior to your trip to the islands.
*A travel document issued by your tour operator or hotel at least 24 hours prior to your trip.
*Galapagos Transit Control Card completed online at least 24 hours prior to your flight as a pre-registration.
*Digital boarding card of the airline on which you will travel to the islands.

When traveling to Galapagos all passengers will go through temperature controls, disinfection systems, wash their hands with disinfectant and wear masks at all times.

Baggage will be disinfected before and after inspection by personnel from the Galapagos Biosecurity and Quarantine Control A


SOLEQ.travel complies with all biosecurity protocols to provide the greatest possible security to our passengers, so we are ready to receive them.