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General Ecuador Information

  • Capital: Quito
  • Largest city: Guayaquil
  • Official language: Spanish
  • Area: 109,484 km2/ 283,560 sq mi
  • Currency: US Dollar
  • Calling code: +593
  • Most popular sport: Soccer

Interesting Ecuador Information and Facts

  • Ecuador is named for the equator, which runs through the country.
  • The colors of the flag are: yellow for the diversity in the country, blue for the sky and the sea, and red for the blood of those who fought for independence.
  • Prior to the Incas’ conquest of Ecuador, it was inhabited by various indigenous peoples.
  • Ecuador has many active volcanoes and also one of the greatest densities of volcanoes in the world.
  • Ecuador’s Independence Day is on August 10th.
  • Ecuador is one of only two countries in South America that do not share a border with Brazil.
  • Ecuador was the first nation in 2008 to declare that Nature has constitutional rights.
  • The capital city of Quito, and the third largest city in the country, Cuenca, were declared world heritage sites by the UNESCO, owing to their rich history.
  • The country is divided into four geographical regions – coastal lowlands (Costa), mountain highlands (Sierra),
    eastern jungle lowlands (Oriente or Amazonia), and the Galapagos Islands.
  • The national flower is the rose.
  • The Galapagos Islands are where Charles Darwin noticed the development of species and began to study evolution.
  • Chimborazo Volcano, at 6,268 m (20,564 ft), forms the highest point in Ecuador.
  • Find these and more information on the website of the Ecuadorian Tourism Ministry 

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Ecuadorian Recipes

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