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10 must-see places in Quito


10 must-see places in Quito JULIA Quito is the capital of Ecuador and due to its altitude of 2850 meters it is the highest capital in the world. With its 1.4 million inhabitants, Quito is the second largest city in the country, after Guayaquil. The historic center of the Andean metropolis was declared a World […]

A day at the Pyramids of Cochasqui


A day at the Pyramids of Cochasqui DAYANA One of the archaeological sites near the city of Quito, capital of Ecuador, are the Pyramids of Cochasqui, which are located at 3100 meters above sea level. From the historic center, you have an 1 hour and 30 minute drive along a first class road. From the […]

A tour through Quito’s historical city center

a tour through quito’s historical city center MICHELLE If you have just arrived in Ecuador, you will surely be interested in the capital Quito. But even if you have already spent a few weeks in the country, there are still corners that have remained hidden. Therefore, we decided to do the Quito City Tour. It […]

The “Laguna de Yambo” – Discover Ecuador’s breathtaking nature

Laguna de yambo – discover ecuador’s breathtaking nature MICHELLE Getting to the lagoon My first excursion outside the national capital Quito was to the “Laguna de Yambo” near Latacunga, about two hours away by car. Already the drive there was an adventure. As we left the metropolitan region and it became more rural, the climate […]

Pack for a Purpose

Pack for a Purpose

Pack for a Purpose DIEGO Pack for a Purpose (PfaP) is an initiative that serves as a link between communities, schools or hospitals with multiple needs and travelers. Those do not only pack their clothes, but also some supplies, which they donate by help of the organization to those in need. They are motivated to […]

Ecuador is a safe travel destination – visit it!

Ecuador safe destination

Ecuador is a safe travel destination – visit it! MATHEW I can assure you that Ecuador is one of the most beautiful destinations in South America, and if you are planning a visit but feel unsure because of the reputation that precedes South America as “risky”; let me tell you that it is somehow natural […]

Actual requirements for travelling Ecuador

Mathy eCUador opens its doors for tourism again last updated: 03.02.2022 Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, several countries have issued entry restrictions, establishing health and safety measures for foreign tourists. Ecuador is not exempt from that, but it is among the countries that are open to tourism and have allowed travelers from various countries […]

Galapagos Islands Travelogue

Tintoreras Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands Travelogue SOLEQMASTER Western Galapagos Island Cruise Part I The Galapagos Islands represent a unique and diverse flora and fauna. Located approximately 1,000 km off the coast of Ecuador, the harmony of nature and wildlife offers a breathtaking scenery. With the Catamaran Archipelago I we travelled the western Galapagos Islands and experienced the uniqueness […]

How Ecuadorian Ceviche is cooked

ceviche contains fish and or seafood

HOW ECUADORIAN CEVICHE IS COOKED SOLEQMASTER Ecuadorian shrimp ceviche is one of the most popular and tasted dishes not only from the coast but from the entire Ecuador. Therefore we want to show you how you can easily do this at home! So you can serve it so friends and family.  To prepare this delicious […]

Ecuador for Vegetarians – Tips and recommendations

Corn with cheese are a nutritious snack

ECUADOR FOR VEGETARIANS – TIPS AND RECOMMENDATIONS MARIA When you are a vegetarian and traveling through Ecuador your first impression might be that you will starve. There is meat everywhere. But don’t worry, when you get to know the Ecuadorean cuisine better, you will notice that there is a great variety of vegetarian options. In […]

Island Hopping in the Galapagos – Useful Tips and Tricks

Observe the famous Giant Galapagos Tortoises on your Galapagos trip.

ISLAND HOPPING IN THE GALAPAGOS – USEFUL TIPS AND TRICKS DAYANA Swimming with turtles, sea lions and sharks, sun bathing on a beautiful secluded beach, eating fresh lobster and watching amazing sunsets  – all in one day? That’s life on the Galapagos Islands. My last articles were about the experience I had on the three […]