Intern’s experiences

Intern's experiences at

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Dominik's experience as an intern at

My internship at lasted 5 months. In this time, I mostly worked in the marketing department. Here I could learn a lot about SEO, SEM, Social Media and also WordPress. During my internship they worked on the homepage and the search engine optimization. Also a part of was to update the Social Media Content Plan. Which was an interesting task to do. The work with WordPress was new to me but it is great to get familiar with it. Due to the help of this tool, it was possible to create new Templates. Those new templates were especially useful for the Blogs. It is also a task to write blog articles about your journeys or special experiences. In General, you are always busy and assigned on interesting tasks. Important to mention is that you are always engaged to bring in your own ideas. Overall, it is a great team to work with. Everyone is happy to explain or answer to questions. I am happy, that I had the variety of tasks and the freedom to share my ideas as well.

Besides of the work there are many things I’ve learned. offers you a fair amount of vacation, therefore you can travel a lot. The trips I enjoyed most, were when the whole team made excursions. Due to their experience they can tell you a lot about any destination. Luckily enough, they took me to a lot of those trips. Further, they teach you a lot about the culture and the lifestyle of Ecuador. In my case they also helped me with my Spanish and were always nice and patient. All in all, they make sure that you will have a pleasant time in Ecuador.

I am glad, that they had the me those 5 months. It has been a pleasant time and I am grateful for it! Thanks very much to the Team. I wish you all the best!

Maria's experience as an intern at

“I had been an intern at for more than half a year and I enjoyed this time a lot. Working in a small, family run office in the Ecuadorian capital Quito at about 2800 m altitude was a unique experience.

Since the office is so small, I received tasks from almost all departments. Sometimes it was a real challenge to get organized with all the different inputs. My main work was supporting Online-Marketing and Sales.

In the area of Online-Marketing I helped improving the website of the company. This was one of the tasks that I liked most. I learned a lot about working with WordPress and I liked that there was a visible result of the work. Online-Marketing also included blog writing and translating as well as creating Facebook and Instagram posts.

Sometimes there had to be designed information or promotion flyers.

Supporting the sales department meant checking availability for hotels and Galapagos yachts via telephone or email, block hotels and yachts for future confirmations. When clients were interested in a tour I sometimes wrote the possible travel program and once clients were confirmed I helped writing the travel vouchers.

Another important job was renewing a sustainability certificate for which I collected the necessary information and material.

I really liked working at On the one hand because of the varied and interesting work and on the other hand because of the warm, familiar atmosphere in the office, having lunch together and the team excursions.

Thanks for all, and best wishes for the future!”

Lorenzo’s experience as an intern at

“I moved to Ecuador in April 2019 for an internship period at and I will never regret it. In Quito I found a prepared and professional staff, open to dialogue and very welcoming. Since the very first day, indeed, I felt at home. The office is cozy and familiar, it is inside an actual apartment, which makes the working days very enjoyable. As Web Marketing Intern, my routine was very diversified. The main task is managing all the social media channel, a responsibility that provides you with the possibility of expressing yourself thought the job and applying your own communication strategies and methods. It was also a learning process, I read and found out so many interesting things about digital presence, marketization and community management. This was a core feature of the internship, as the SOLEQ team is completely dedicated to your own personal growth.

In this sense, managing the company’s website was a lot of fun. I had the chance and the time to dig into the magical WordPress’ world, bolstering my previous knowledge and applying concepts and skills interiorized during the period at SOLEQ. The team was completely fine with me changing the whole homepage and making major changes to the overall structure, because they made it clear since the beginning that they believed in me and trusted my skills. The website’s management was a challenging arena because it was under my direct supervision, but that’s also why it was so satisfying in the end. To me, learning by doing represents the best way of assimilating new notions, therefore I can only praise this aspect of the internship. Now I feel way more confident in implementing SEO strategies, making marketing choices and structuring a website’s architecture.

But that’s not over! I was involved also in the sales department, helping SOLEQ’s travel guru, Alex, with redacting the tours’ brochure, liasoning with providers (hotels, guides, transportation companies) and managing the external communication, both by emails and telephone. This way, I had an interesting insider perspective of how a travel agency actually works and, furthermore, I got to know a lot of things about Ecuador! Witnessing the work behind the organization of a travel was truly interesting, mostly if you are a travel-lover like me.

Working at SOLEQ travel is a unique opportunity for many students or new graduates in academic fields requiring international experience, as in my case. For me, it was an inspiring experience both at professional and personal level, since I had access to a lot of knowledge in a familiar and friendly working environment. Now I need to move forward on my next stage of my life, but I will never forget the launches and the laughter at SOLEQ.”