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Quilotoa kayaking

quilotoa kayaking MICHELLE Last weekend I decided to do one of the day trips I’ve been dreaming about since the beginning of my stay in Ecuador – visiting Quilotoa Lagoon. In this blog you will learn everything you need to know about the destination itself, how to get there, the costs and things to think […]

The “Laguna de Yambo” – Discover Ecuador’s breathtaking nature

Laguna de yambo – discover ecuador’s breathtaking nature MICHELLE Getting to the lagoon My first excursion outside the national capital Quito was to the “Laguna de Yambo” near Latacunga, about two hours away by car. Already the drive there was an adventure. As we left the metropolitan region and it became more rural, the climate […]

Ibarra – a day in the white city

Ibarra – a day in the white city Maria Ibarra is located about three hours north of Quito in the Andes. The capital of the Ecuadorian province of Imbabura was completely destroyed in 1868 and then rebuilt. The pretty old town was mostly kept in white, which is why Ibarra was given the additional name […]

The Mojanda lagoons

Mojanda lagoons

The Mojanda lagoons SOLEQMASTER Approximately 17 kilometers from the small town of Otavalo in northern Ecuador are the four lagoons of Mojanda. They lie embedded in the spectacular mountain landscape at the foot of the Fuya Fuya volcano. The team of SOLEQ.travel made an excursion to the lagoons of Mojanda. How to get to the […]

A hike around the Cuicocha crater lake

The Cuicocha lagoon is considered a sacred lake.

A HIKE AROUND THE CUICOCHA CRATER LAKE MARIA On one weekend, when I was in Otavalo, I decided to circle the Cuicocha crater lake – or at least I wanted to try it. I had been there before but never walked around completely. So, this was still on my to do list for Ecuador.    Cuicocha […]

Calderas in Ecuador

The Cuicocha lake is called like this because the Islands of the lake are shaped like a guinea pig - cuy.

CALDERAS IN ECUADOR DAYANA Volcanoes can be threatening. But volcanoes can also be amazing, beautiful, unique, and impressive. Ecuador has one of the highest densities of volcanoes of all countries in the world. Especially the so-called Avenue of the Volcanoes in the Andes of Ecuador is peppered with several volcanoes. Most of them are not […]

The Quilotoa Loop, a hike around the Crater Lake

A hike around the Quilotoa crater lake is an amazing experience.

The Quilotoa Loop, a hike around the Crater Lake SOLEQMASTER Today we show you one of many impressive destinations for a nice hike in the Ecuadorian Andes. If you are looking for a perfect day trip from Quito, we recommend going to Quilotoa, where you can hike the Quilotoa loop or just hike around the crater […]