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Welcome to the Amazon Rainforest! Imagine yourself sitting in a canoe, surrounded by sounds of monkeys, insects and birds, feeling the warm sun´s rays on your skin and watching the beautiful untouched nature.  You are on the way to Cuyabeno Lodge which is located in the Cuyabeno National park, in Northeastern Ecuador.

The Amazon rainforest adventure starts already on the two-hour canoe ride to the lodge. You will explore the overwhelming variety of plants and the impressive wildlife. The guides try their best to spot monkeys, birds or even anacondas. Our guide, who was a native inhabitant, had an incredible knowledge about wildlife and the life of the native inhabitants. He was very motivated and enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with us.

Where to stay

If you are looking for a peaceful place to escape from the stressful everyday life you will definitely find it at Cuyabeno Lodge. The staff is always happy to help you with everything you need and the food they are preparing is healthy, fresh and delicious! I was very impressed by the handmade bread, which is served for breakfast and got really close to German bread. I had a huge variety of food in my short stay. They served fish, meat, combined with vegetables and rice or potatoes. Lunch and dinner is always a three course menu, everything is prepared fresh. They even made a big chocolate cake for someone´s birthday!

The tours

The Cuyabeno tours are well organized and always different from each other. My personal highlight, next to the rainforest hike during the day where I learned a lot about medicinal plants and indigenous history, was the night walk in the Amazon rainforest. It is an experience you cannot put into words- You need to experience it by yourself to understand it. Only with flash lights we discovered the untouched rainforest by night.

During our one-hour walk we spotted scary tarantulas, huge crickets and exotic caterpillars. I have never seen a spider this huge before and I am sure that I will never forget it! But this would not be my last encounter with a scary insect tonight: As soon as I got home to my lovely cabin I found a scorpion waiting for me next to my bed. In this moment I recognized where I really was- in the middle of the Jungle! My guide eventually saved my life by removing this little visitor from my room. The staff is always trying to keep their guests happy and to give them a unique experience in the lodge.

Every evening you go by canoe to the “Laguna Grande” to enjoy the spectacular sunsets and moon rises. Please do not forget to bring your swimmers as you get the experience to swim in the lagoon while watching the beautiful sunset! Enjoy this amazing moment, being so close to the nature in the middle of nowhere. Trust me, this is something you definitely have to do once in a lifetime!

The accommodation

During your stay in the Amazon Rainforest you will sleep in one of the 7 wooden cabins. Which contain beds with mosquito nets, a nice bathroom and open spaces instead of windows. So if you are looking for a place to experience the real nature, Cuyabeno Lodge is the perfect place to be!
After a day full of exciting adventures and new experiences you can lay down in one of the hammocks in the hammock area. Here you can relax and eventually review your unique day at Cuyabeno Lodge.

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