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Being in Ecuador I have always been curious to get to know our neighboring country Colombia. The majority of people who visited loved it there, so we decided to go.


Our first stop was Cali – also known as The Capital of Salsa. Arriving there we were surprised by the hot weather. We definitely had to get used to it. In Cali you immediately have the feeling of being in a big Colombian city: The innumerous bakeries with Colombian specialties, the sound of Salsa music, street food being sold on every corner, and above all the omnipresent mopeds.

Due to the weather we chose to relax at the river Pance close to the city. We took a bus ride and had a great view of the city of Cali. In the river little pools have been created with the help of stones. The water was so relaxing! It was so cold that I and my friend even began to freeze, although it was middle of the day. On Saturdays and Sundays it is very typical for Colombian families to do a so called “Paseo de Olla”: The whole family simply decides for a place to go to and takes a prepared lunch.
In Cali it is also possible to take a gondola up the borough of Siloe. From there visitors can enjoy an impressive view of Cali’s city center.

Colombia Cali

Santa Marta

Our next destination in Colombia was Santa Marta – a city on the Caribbean coast. After having checked in at the hotel, we first needed to enjoy the refreshing swimming pool which was even at night not too cold. Santa Marta has a lot to offer. Not only has it a beautiful historical center and amazing beaches, it is also a starting point for many excursions to tourist attractions like “The Lost Cities” or “Minca”. Together with my friend I explored the beach Taganga which you can simply reach with a public bus. Since you can enjoy a magical sunset there everybody should go while being in Santa Marta. Refresh with a delicious cocktail on the beach or try local Colombian food.

Colombia Santa Marta

Tayrona Park

The next morning we headed for the most beautiful place of our trip – the Tayrona Park. This magical place on the Caribbean coast makes you be amazed due to its wonderful white sandy beaches, beautiful forests and the relaxing atmosphere. To try another experience we rode on horseback to one of the beaches located in the park. In the different Bays the sun is nicely warm and the sound of the breaking waves lets your thoughts drift away – simply magical.
You should also enjoy a delicious avocado which is served with lemon juice and salt at the beach. If you are lucky someone plays Colombian music which makes the atmosphere perfect.

Visit Colombia!

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