Favorite Places in Ecuador – Part 2

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In this article we continue our tour through different favorite places in Ecuador.

Dora’s favorite place: Galapagos

Dora is originally from Venezuela, but has lived in Ecuador for 30 years. She loves the Galapagos Islands especially for the beaches, the good food and the friendly inhabitants. We asked her what she likes best to do there and what activities she recommends. She says that you can visit the nature reserve, scuba dive and swim with sea lions. She is excited to be able to see these animals up close as well as penguins and boobies. The beauty of the flora and fauna fascinates her.

blue footed booby

For the culinary pleasure is provided in a variety of hotels and restaurants.

Her Galapagos trip was a while ago, at that time the entrance fee for her was 40 USD. For travelers without Ecuadorian nationality or Ecuadorian visa, the entrance fee to the national park is 100 USD, and also the transit control card of 20 USD must be purchased before flying to the islands.

What you should definitely take with you to Galapagos? Swimwear, recommends Dora.

Are you curious about Galapagos? Feel free to read more about the enchanting islands on our pages and check out our options for Galapagos cruises or Galapagos island hopping.

Giant Galapagos tortoise

Edward’s favorite place: Quito

Edward comes from the USA and lived in Ecuador for one month. During this time he found his favorite place: it is the capital Quito. He is particularly impressed by the contrast between the old part of Quito and the modern parts of the city. He also likes the culture and the people. For him the variety of food and exotic fruits are particularly interesting.

In this regard, one can find a wide selection both in the markets, for a lower budget, as well as in high class restaurants.

According to Edward, the city’s museums are also worth a visit, which usually doesn’t cost much at all. We wrote about Quito’s museums in detail in another blog article.

San Francisco square and convent in Quito

Since the weather in Quito can change very quickly, Edward recommends to have a T-shirt, sweater and rain jacket with you, as well as long and short pants. Additionally, we would like to recommend to wear a headgear – by the way, this is a good idea for the whole country – because the sunlight is quite strong and you can quickly burn your head and face.

A visit to Quito is included in almost every one of our trips. During a city tour you will get to know the old town with its pretty churches and squares and the Panecillo hill. The Mitad del Mundo monument and the Parque Metropolitano are also worth a visit and with the Teleferico you can travel to lofty heights and enjoy a magnificent view over the entire city.

View over Quito

Florian’s favorite place: Mindo

Florian spent three months in Ecuador. His favorite place is Mindo, mainly because of the nature and the beautiful waterfalls. The place is located in the Ecuadorian cloud forest at an altitude of about 1200m.

How to get to Mindo? In Quito there are direct buses from the bus terminal La Ofelia to Mindo, the trip takes about 2.5 hours. In Mindo there are many possibilities to stay overnight – from a bed in a hostel room to luxurious lodges, there is something for every budget.

In the village and the surrounding area, you can do a lot of activities. Adrenaline junkies as well as those seeking relaxation and pleasure will get their money’s worth. For example, you can take a gondola ride over the waterfalls. If you like it a bit more exciting, you can fly over the forest with a cablecar or float down the river on inner tubes. Quieter activities include visiting the butterfly farm, orchid garden, or taking a chocolate tour. If you are interested in ornithology, Mindo is ideal, as the small town is one of the world’s hotspots for bird watching.

There are numerous short and extended bird watching tours at different prices, which can be booked locally at one of the many local agencies

hummingbird in Mindo

Florian recommends long clothes, not because of cold weather but due to the high humidity there are many mosquitoes. We also recommend taking insect repellent with you.

Mindo is also included in many of our trips, but the place is also suitable for a one or two day tour from Quito.

Tucan in the ecuadorian cloud forest

Elena’s favorite place/activity: Horseback riding in Pululahua Crater

Elena is from Kazakhstan and has been living in Ecuador for almost 2 years. She likes riding at or inside the Pululahua crater. This crater of a long ago extinct volcano is located north of Quito, not far from the Middle of the World Monument and is a special place in many ways. From the crater rim, you can ride or hike down a trail into the crater basin. There the landscape is green and fertile and the climate mild, while up on the crater rim it can be rather foggy-cool and sometimes windy.

Pululahua crater rim with fog

What should you take with you on a horseback ride in Pululahua Crater? Elena recommends pain creme, rain gear, sunscreen, and headgear.

In another blog article you can find more tips and suggestions for a horseback riding trip in Pululahua.

inside the Pululahua crater

Do you also want to find your favorite place in Ecuador? We will be happy to organize a suitable tour for you. You can check out our different tours or get in touch with us for a tailor made trip to Ecuador and Galapagos.

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