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Would your perfect honeymoon be in an all-inclusive beach resort, where you do nothing but lie besides the pool the whole day? Then Ecuador is definitely not the destination for you. But if you’re looking for that wonderful combination of romantic hotels, breathtaking landscapes, adventurous activities and marvelous encounters, then a honeymoon in Ecuador would be perfect for you!

Imagine wandering the historic halls of ancient haciendas, where you can enjoy stories and legends about the past. Imagine being surrounded by the exuberant colors of indigenous markets where locals will sell you some amazing souvenirs, clothes and oddly-shaped fruit. Be overwhelmed by nature’s beauty, the flora and fauna that is around you will make it seem like you are in an enchanted forest. Share some special moments with that special someone overlooking the beautiful historic part of Quito, with the sunset illuminating the snow-capped volcanoes in the distance.

Make your honeymoon in Ecuador a once in a lifetime experience and include an amazing cruise in the Galapagos Islands. Small intimate yachts for only 16 people are common, but private yachts are a possibility as well. Romantic dinners under the night sky filled with stars, and incredible chances to observe the animals that make the Galapagos so special: blue-footed boobies that dance around to impress the females, sunbathing iguanas, playful sea lions, harmless sharks and giant tortoises are just some of them. Ecuador and Galapagos even more so is the perfect place to celebrate love, yourself and feel blessed on this amazing globe we live on. This will become an experience you will never forget!
We are happy to create your individual dream vacation. Nothing will be too crazy for that special tour you’ll never make again.

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