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The Galapagos Islands are of volcanic origin. This property of the islands can still be felt today. For current reasons, we would like to inform you about the actual situation on the islands of Isabela and Fernandina regarding volcanic activity. This way we hope to eliminate incertitude.

About three weeks ago, passengers of a yacht could observe volcanic eruptions on the island of Fernandina – a unique, natural light show.

Three months ago, light seismic activity around the Sierra Negra volcano was felt on Isabela Island. On June 26th finally occurred an eruption, but there were no big explosions. In the following hours after the eruption seismic activity decreased significantly.

The staff of the Galapagos National Park provided pictures showing several fissures on the northern flank of the volcano, from which lava is flowing towards the sea between Bahia Elizabeth and Punta Morena.

There are currently no lava flows that move towards inhabited areas.

On the day of the eruption, there were some evacuations but already on the following day the accommodation could run normally again.

From 1st to 6th of July in the volcano were registered 68 earthquakes of up to 5.2 and the staff of the National Park Galapagos reported glimmering and the presence of lava flows on the northwest flank of the volcano. This could be a sign of another eruption.

On July 7th another volcanic quake was registered and analysis of infrared satellite images showed an increase of the hotspot northwest of the volcano. At about 2000 m altitude, an ash cloud was sighted. Currently it is not moving towards inhabited areas.

Currently, no visits to the volcano Sierra Negra are possible, but alternative tours are offered. The warning level orange was imposed over the area.

The surroundings of the volcano are monitored and controlled daily to check for new lava flows, gas odors, ash rain and seismic activity in general. Furthermore, local experts assess possible changes in the ecosystem around the volcano.

A visit to the Galapagos Islands is still possible without any problems. The necessary safety precautions have been taken in the surrounding of the active volcanoes.

Maybe you even have the rare opportunity to observe the impressive volcanic activity – of course with enough safety distance.

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Scientific information about the volvanic activity on Galapagos you can get on https://www.igepn.edu.ec/ (in spanish)

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