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The team of took a weekend to the Riobamba area to share a lot of new experiences together. We took the opportunity to look for new tourist attractions that so far we had not visited in order to determine whether they will become a part of our tour itineraries in Ecuador. We also had a photo contest, the winning picture is the blog’s feature photo.

From Quito to Riobamba

Early in the morning we took the Panamerican Highway towards the south, en route to Bolivar Province in the country’s Highlands. The landscapes that the route offers are amazing. On clear days, you can see the Chimborazo volcano at its best. Llamas and alpacas also adorn this place. We were lucky that the sky was very clear and we got to see Chimborazo in all its glory.

Salinas de Guaranda

We headed to Salinas de Guaranda, where people definitely produce the best cheese, chocolates and all things made from wool which are for exportation and local consumption and use. Despite being a small place, it is home to many artisans who dedicate their lives to these activities.

But first we need to know about the history of this special place. Any idea why it is called Salinas? Well, as the name in Spanish suggests, there are several salt mines. The women of Salinas used to mine and sell the salt.

You should not leave this place without having tried trout with fried plantain and salad. But also don’t forget the special chocolates they make, including chocolates with rum, whiskey, macadamias and other delicious ingredients.

After this we entered the Chimborazo province, through the parish of San Juan, which is part of Riobamba canton. From this site we can also see the point closest to the sun of Ecuador, the Chimborazo volcano.

Arrival in Riobamba

For the night, we arrived in Riobamba, the province’s capital. The main characteristic of the city is its cold weather, but on this occasion it received us with a nice, warm climate. If you want to try one of the typical foods in Ecuador, here is the best place to try the “hornado.” It is baked pork, with potatoes, avocado, and salad. Also, you have to try the famous “rompenucas.” This is a juice made from different fruits, depending on your preferences, and ice from the Chimborazo volcano.

On the route that connects this point with the Ecuadorian Amazon, we visited the Atillo Lakes, which are located inside the Sangay National Park. Here you can go on an amazing hike, take pictures and listen to nature at its finest.

Back to Quito

When we arrived back in Quito, we were able to look back on one of the best experiences that the team of has had, while discovering new highlights that are hidden in our country.

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